Stonefield Query for GoldMine

Stonefield Query for GoldMine 5.1

Stonefield Query for GoldMine is a powerful query builder and report writer
5.1 (See all)
Stonefield Software Inc.

Stonefield Query for GoldMine from Stonefield Software Inc. is a powerful query builder and report writer. It has a simple "wizard" interface. After selecting a report from the list of available reports, you can select the sort order, enter filter conditions, and specify where the output goes (printer, spreadsheet, screen preview, etc.).

- Business Intelligence "Real" Table/Field Names: Alternatively you can display "real" table and field names so it's easier to locate the table or field you want if you're familiar with these names.

- Data Dictionary Knows Your Data: You don't have to know how your data is stored or how tables are joined (you don't even have to know what a "join" is). Stonefield Query handles complex join conditions between tables automatically.

- Row and Column reports, Cross Tab Reports, Charts, Graphs, Labels, Pivot tables, Run Crystal Reports and Foxpro reports Report Types: Quick Reports (row and column layout), Cross-Tabulation Reports (like pivot tables, for analysis), Charts/Graphs (pie, bar, etc.), Labels (mailing, barcode, etc) and External Reports (Foxpro or Crystal Reports).

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